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Non VA Related Government Links

California State Senate Committee and legislation news, senator's home pages.

California State Assembly Similar to above for the assembly.  

California Legislative Analyst Analysis and non-partisan advice to the legislature on fiscal and policy issues.  

California Legislative Counsel Bureau Daily agenda and news, status of bills.  

California State Association of Public Administrators, Public Guardians, and Public Conservator  

Government Printing Office University of California search service with access to federal government publication

Selective Service System Registration information, on-line registration and registration verification.

U.S. House of Representatives This week on the House floor, Events currently on the House Floor

U.S. SenateLegislative Activities, Contact your Senator, Committees

California Home Page Source for information and services supported by the Governor's Council on Information Technology.

California State Codes On-line access to California Law codes, constitution, and statutes.

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